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You can’t eliminate the possibility of business disruptions – but you can prepare for them. Whether the cause is a storm, a cyberattack or another unexpected event, a sudden disruption could affect your organization at any time. To grow and thrive in an uncertain risk environment, your business needs preparation to be able to absorb, adapt and be resilient to disruptive events.


What does this mean for your organization? It goes beyond just having documented strategies and plans. Business resiliency is an ongoing process that helps you prepare for all types of disruptions, respond when one occurs and improve after each incident.




Today’s business leaders must continually examine risks, prepare for potential disruptions and adapt to operations to be resilient to wide-ranging challenges. CNA’s Strategic Business Resilience report was created to help leaders build a resilient culture and develop a sustained ability to endure disruptive events.

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  • Identify and mitigate risks
  • Develop all-hazard strategies and plans for disruptions
  • Exercise plans to validate procedures and train response teams

It can be useful to document a response plan for every scenario your business might face. But the truth is, when a disruption occurs there may not be time to find the document, read it and apply it to the situation at hand. That’s why CNA encourages all-hazards planning and exercises, enabling your organization to respond quickly to any incident you may face. Regardless of the cause of the disruption and the size of response required, you’ll be prepared to organize your response, recover affected operations and restart your business as smoothly as possible.


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  • Engage response teams
  • Address life safety issues
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  • Recover and restart operations
  • Return to normal operations


Every business – and every business interruption – is unique. But no matter what specific disruption affects your organization, you’ll be in a much better position if you’ve prepared in advance. That means having pre-planned emergency response to protect your workforce, business recovery and restart steps for vital time-sensitive processes, and business recovery strategies for your most vital assets. With good preparation, you’ll have less stress, shorter response times and a faster, easier path to get your business back to its customary operations.


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  • Capture lessons from disruption
  • Enhance risk mitigation plans
  • Update plans based on learning
  • Share lessons across the organization

After dealing with the negative aspects of a business interruption, your organization will be left with something positive – important lessons that can greatly improve your response capability for the future. For over a century, CNA has helped our customers recover from disruptions and provided insurance solutions that help manage risks and grow profitably. Our Risk Control experts truly know and understand the industries we serve, and offer resources and services to help you identify risk exposures, address emergency events and get your operations back to normal as soon as possible.

For more information about resources and services that can help identify and manage the risk exposures in your (or your clients) business, please visit Resources to Manage and Reduce Risk.

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This business resiliency series will address how natural and manmade catastrophes, pandemics, and civil unrest create a level of uncertainty, complexity, and challenges that unfold in real-time.


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