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Being prepared gives your organization the ability to adapt to all market conditions – including the challenges related to working remotely. Here are some key exposures we’ve identified, along with actionable solutions to enable effective work outside the office:


  • Managing a remote workforce. As organizations adapt to employees working remotely, some may inadvertently make themselves vulnerable to cyberattacks and other risks. This blog post highlights basic steps to help protect your data confidentiality and make telecommuting as safe as possible.
  • Improving ergonomics outside the office. When working remotely, it is important to ensure that your workspace is set up for optimal comfort and productivity. These suggestions can help you work outside the office safely and successfully.


Business that shut down during an emergency may face challenges when reopening. These resources can help manage your facilities before, during and after a shutdown:


  • Hygiene controls in the workplace. From water and smoke damage to biological hazards, our hygiene controls guide will help identify resources for maintaining a safe, healthy work environment.
  • Idle or vacant facilities. Vacant and idle facilities present a higher level of exposure for fire, theft and vandalism, water damage and many other perils. This step-by-step guide offers tips to protect your business and reduce the risk before, during and after idle periods. 


Although frustrating, business disruptions provide every company with an opportunity for growth. Use these guides to help your business become more resilient to unexpected circumstances:

  • Leadership Guidance for Response Team Decisions. When business disruptions occur, effective meeting management is paramount. This guide helps leadership teams who need to quickly make fact-based decisions for evolving circumstances during periods of uncertainty.


For more information about resources and services that can help identify and manage the risk exposures in your (or your clients) business, please visit Resources to Manage and Reduce Risk.


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