Feb 24, 2021
CNA's Stewart & Prasad Featured in Insurance Business Canada

In an article published by Insurance Business Canada, CNA's Ruth Stewart, Senior Risk Control Consultant - Healthcare and Natasha Prasad, Underwriting Specialist - Healthcare, discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way that healthcare practitioners operate.


“The pandemic has caused a great evolution for GPs in particular,” said Ruth Stewart, Senior Risk Control Consultant, Healthcare & Life Sciences, CNA. “They have had to consider how they can provide a service that’s safe for them (the practitioner), their patients and the staff in their office. For the most part, GPs have changed their mode of doing business to conduct most consultations virtually, either through video conferencing or telephone conversations with patients. Only if the condition of the individual cannot be appropriately assessed via a virtual consultation – for example, if a patient has a new severe pain – will GPs then schedule an in-office visit.”


For insurance carriers, Natasha Prasad mentions, “When we review an opportunity or an exposure pertaining to a healthcare facility or healthcare practitioner, we’re looking for numerous factors. We want to know what services are being provided and how many patients a facility would typically see. We want to know that it’s a well-run facility, with protocols, policies and procedures in place to ensure that appropriate standards of care are being met. We want to know that those individual practitioners are fully licensed and have the expertise to provide the services they’re rendering.”


For more information and personal insights, read the full feature: COVID-19 causes "great evolution" for healthcare providers, published in Insurance Business Canada.


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