Jul 14, 2021
CNA's Markham Sandulak featured in Insurance Business Canada

In an article published by Insurance Business Canada, CNA's Markham Sandulak, Senior Risk Control Consultant, discusses tactics homeowners can use to reduce the risk of water damage in their properties.


Flooding is one of the leading causes of loss for Canadian homeowners. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a leaking roof, sewer backup, or a dreaded basement flood, water damage (if left unchecked) can result in sizeable losses, especially when there are leaks or seepage over time.


While owning a ​​​​​home may be the average person’s single largest financial investment in their lives, homeowners don’t always place the same significance on their approach to water risk management. Many take quite a passive approach to mitigation, believing that their home insurance policies will cover all water-related eventualities.


However, most home insurance policies will only cover water damage caused by sudden and accidental water escape from things including (but not limited to): watermain breaks, plumbing systems, eaves troughs, downspouts or ice dams, or overflow from domestic appliances. Generally, policies will not cover damage for slow leaks or losses caused by overland flooding or sewer backup. 


Homeowners can also turn to technology, such as smart water detectors and sensors, which can monitor the home and alert them of unexpected flooding or leakage as soon as it occurs. Water-sensing devices - some of which are coupled with Internet of Things (IoT) technology – can be “an effective solution to mitigating water damage,” according to Markham Sandulak (pictured), senior risk control consultant at CNA.


For more information and personal insights, read the full feature: ‘Water Sensors: An Effective Solution To Mitigating Water Damage’ published in Insurance Business Canada.


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