Dec 06, 2021
CNA's Severio Pacini & Matt Adair featured in Insurance Business

In an article published by Insurance Business Canada, CNA's Severio Pacini and Matthew Adair discuss the importance of an effective business resilience program in the midst of constant change.


Canadian businesses today are scrambling to keep up with a rapidly evolving risk landscape resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the latest instalment of IBC Talk, Severio Pacini, vice president of risk control at CNA, and Matthew Adair, risk control consultant, discuss the key considerations that will help business leaders manage disruptive incidents — regardless of how, when or where they occur.


“The risk landscape for Canada’s businesses… changed really quickly in the wake of the COVID crisis,” said Pacini. “And you know, it continues to evolve every day, as we hear and read the newspapers and see on TV, as we try to get back to some normalcy of business.”


Business leaders across the country were forced to react early to public health policies involving lockdowns, while simultaneously developing proactive strategies to address the evolving risks. Pacini noted that some were more prepared than others, but the increase in strategic business resiliency across the board remains unquestionable. In regard to understanding key supply chain vulnerabilities, Adair added that Canadian businesses were highly proactive and did especially well in the manufacturing, technology and life sciences industries.


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