Mar 27, 2023
CNA’s Wesley Lai featured in Insurance Business Canada

In an article published by Insurance Business Canada, CNA’s Wesley Lai discusses new and emerging challenges in the transportation and logistics industry after the pandemic.


Not long after Canada’s transportation and logistics industry has hurdled the disruption caused by COVID-19, it now faces up to exposures from inflation and geopolitical conflict.


Wesley Lai, Senior Marine Underwriter at CNA Canada, has noted a healthy recovery from port delays that left huge numbers of container ships sitting idle off the US and Canadian coasts.


“In 2023, these port delays have mostly been cleared out, so in terms of recovery, we've gotten much better,” said Lai.


For more information and personal insights, read the full feature: “After Pandemic, What Is the Next Frontier of Challenges in the Transport and Logistics Space?” published in Insurance Business Canada.