Louis Vatrt

Louis Vatrt

Vice President, Engineered Property

Louis joined CNA in 2017 as Vice President, Engineered Property, bringing deep experience in risk engineering, equipment breakdown, power generation, mining and large construction. Under Louis’ leadership he is responsible for the Engineered Property and Large Property teams. Both the Engineered Property and Large Property teams have grown significantly over the past two years and will continue to expand their technical expertise and service capabilities to firmly establish CNA as a market of choice in this space.


Louis’ focus will be on growing the business sustainably, enhancing CNA’s leadership in the marketplace, and continuing to mentor and develop underwriting talent.


Louis has 20+ years of domestic and international insurance experience, coupled with over 14 years of industry engineering. With a strong technical background, Louis has extensive experience across underwriting, claims, risk control, global markets, and different product lines, all with a proven track record of running and growing portfolios with profit, performance, productivity, quality and integrity.


Prior to joining CNA in 2017, Louis worked for RSA Canada as Vice President of their Construction & Engineering line of business.


Louis holds a Power Engineer designation and is a certified National Board Commissioned Inspector.

By Louis Vatrt
Vice President, Engineered Property
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