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By Terri Mason-Benjamin | Published October 18, 2019

66% of businesses with 250 to 499 employees have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months  and the threat is set to rise as cyber criminals use increasingly sophisticated techniques to perpetrate their crimes. It takes organizations 279 days, on average, to identify and contain a breach, with an average data breach total cost of $3.9M . This is a major business interruption, and proves to be one of the top concerns for businesses.


The majority of cyber-attacks are opportunistic; cyber hackers are searching for websites with security vulnerabilities and outdated web applications that allow them access to exploit an organization’s processes and data.


In July 2019, CNA Canada partnered with GamaSec; a service designed to prevent cyber-attacks and minimize exposures. It uses cutting edge virtual hacker technology to identify and eradicate dangerous malware threats and website vulnerabilities that could leave businesses exposed.


GamaSec protects against three major threats:


1. Malware: Malware is software designed intentionally to harm your computer: including viruses, trojans, worms, ransomware and spyware. Cyber criminals use malicious web addresses and URLs, usually sent via email, to trick people into clicking on them. It can delete or steal valuable data, holding a business to ransom. GamaSec runs daily malware detection & monitoring.

2. Web Vulnerability: A weakness or misconfiguration that allows a cybercriminal to gain access to a website and possibly the hosting server. These vulnerabilities are used to insert malware, ransomware, distribute malicious content, spy on your operations or steal sensitive data. GamaSec’s automated cloud-based virtual hacker scans for web application vulnerabilities on your website.

3. Denial of Service Attack: These attacks flood a website with more visitors than it was built to handle, overloading the server and crashing its ability to function correctly. GamaSec monitors your website traffic and filters all malicious traffic.


Our focus is on proactive loss prevention and minimizing the exposures that our policyholders face. Qualifying CNA Canada Cyber policyholders can access GamaSec for no additional charge. It’s easy to use with no coding or software to install. GamaSec provides website security designed for businesses of all sizes, but is especially suited to small and mid-sized companies.


Contact your Cyber Underwriter for more information.


About GamaSec

GamaSec is a cyber-security company that lowers the risk and strengthens the resilience of businesses from attacks on their websites and web applications. GamaSec provides a portfolio of services including web vulnerability scanning, daily malware detection, blacklist monitoring and application Firewall (WAF) with DDoS detection. This combination of a proprietary security platform and industry knowhow enables GamaSec to deliver industry-leading solutions for website security.


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Terri Mason-Benjamin
Vice President, Marketing and Distribution

Terri is responsible for CNA’s Marketing, Communications, and Broker Distribution initiatives. She leads Canada’s distribution strategy, partner relationships, and brand awareness strategy to solidify CNA’s position as a leader in the Canadian market.


Terri joined CNA in 2018 as Assistant Vice President, Cyber & Professional Liability, bringing over 20 years of insurance experience through senior roles at various global insurance carriers and brokers. Terri is a strong leader with deep experience in new product development, broker relations, and business planning.


Terri attended York University in Toronto, is a certified Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU), and is currently working toward the Certified Information Privacy Professional designation.