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Allied Vendors & Resources

CNA connects policyholders with a wide array of valuable organizations and their products and services at a discounted rate for both property and casualty requirements.

Risk Control Tools & Services

Risk Control Education

Our Risk Control team has identified companies that offer services designed to strengthen an organization's risk control efforts, mitigate costly exposures and provide vital services outside of an insurance carrier's capabilities. The companies that participate in our Allied Vendor Program can assist in developing critical programs and procedures that will help create a safer, more secure work environment.

Property-related services

The following companies offer a wide range of valuable services that can support a company's risk control efforts – including cost-effective ways to avoid property damage, create a better work environment and plan for the unexpected.


  • Agility Recovery Solutions. When disaster hits, Agility Recovery Solutions is there, providing all of the critical elements you need to keep your small- or mid-size company in business. Agility's ReadySuite solution delivers power, technology, space and connectivity with a 100 percent success rate. Agility's easy-to-implement recovery solutions are available to CNA clients at a discounted rate. 
  • Strategic BCP®. Strategic BCP, Inc. helps organizations build cost-effective, action-based, business continuity plans. The company's proprietary, user-friendly software helps business continuity planners calculate risk and map recovery plans based on their company's most critical business functions. Strategic BCP offers its services to CNA insureds at a discounted rate.
  • Predictive Service® (aerial infrared survey). Infrared services are not just for your electrical systems. Predictive Service's inspection process can help maximize the life of your roof. If you own a building with a large roof area or multiple buildings in the same geographic area, this service may help you better manage your roof maintenance dollars. The service includes access to Predictive Service's online analysis tools. Predictive Services offers CNA customers a preferred rate for its services.

Casualty-related services

The following companies provide services that address a range of risks, particularly as they relate to employee behaviour, productivity and safety.


  • Aegis Mobility. How to regulate distracted driving, and enforce your company's fleet policy? Aegis Mobility has the answer with multiple, innovative software solutions. The usage and prevalence of cellphones, smartphones and tablets grows every day. These tools can increase productivity and efficiency. However, they also pose a significant risk as a distraction to drivers. Look no further than Aegis Mobility for cost effective solutions to this increasingly important problem.
  • Clarion. CNA Risk Control and Clarion have teamed together to provide expertise for visual safety system sources which include product safety labels, work place safety signage and custom signs and labels that are compliant with U.S. and worldwide safety standards. As a CNA insured you receive a 10% discount on safety labelling and signage needs. Don't know the full scope of safety and warning issues to consider? Clarion provides a safety labelling audit to all CNA customers at no additional charge.
  • Driver's Alert. Since 1989, Driver's Alert has been serving managers of large and small fleets with safety solutions that improve driver behaviour and mitigate financial losses. We offer driver safety solutions are comprehensive with the inclusion of Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) and MVR Monitoring, and safety-based telematics. CNA policyholders have preferred pricing that represents a 20% cost savings over the regular rate for Driver's Alert services.
  • CNA CyberPrep is available to all CNA cyber policyholders, providing them with a network of cybersecurity professionals and services to actively identify, mitigate and respond to their cyber risks. CNA CyberPrep is modelled on industry-leading cybersecurity frameworks for standards, guidelines and best practices, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, and is rooted in strong partnerships with highly regarded cybersecurity professionals.

Please note that while CNA’s Risk Control team carefully screens participating companies, all services are directly contracted with the vendor. CNA is not part of any agreement. Please directly contact the company for additional information.

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