Aug 06, 2019
CNA's Nick Creatura Featured in Insurance Business Canada

In an article published by Insurance Business Canada on July 29, 2019, Nick Creatura, President and CEO, discusses the normalization of Interconnected Global Risks.


“Canada is a trading nation and we are heavily dependent on foreign trade for our economy’s health,” said Nick Creatura, CNA Canada’s president and CEO. “The continued political, regulatory changes and economic uncertainty of the last months coupled with ongoing trade disputes at home and further afield, failure to make any grand leaps forward with climate change mitigation, and an increase in extreme weather events only heightens businesses’ risk perception and sense of caution around supply chain. This, however, is the new normal, and businesses operating in a new global landscape no longer have the luxury or security of predictability.”


For more information and personal insights, read the article "Interconnected global risk is the 'new normal' facing executives”, published in Insurance Business Canada Magazine.

Published, article HERE.