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CNA Paramount Business Package Policy

The premier package policy, enhanced with a new umbrella form.   

As a mid-sized company, you confront major challenges as you guide and expand your business. And as that success continues, you’ll want to meet future risks with as much preparation and confidence as possible. That's why you need flexible coverages that can help protect your business activity and the specialized assets you need to succeed.  

CNA Paramount® is the premier coverage solution that integrates essential and critical coverages into one simple package - and enhanced with a new umbrella policy. With a range of property, crime and general liability solutions tailored specifically to your business, CNA Paramount®provides coverage for losses to your property, as well as legal liability that may result from damage to the property of others.  

And since prevention is critical to minimizing your exposures, CNA's Risk Control consultants are here to you prepare for crime, fire, forces of nature, and other liabilities your business might face. We emphasize risk mitigation techniques that help prevent risks before they become claims. And should you ever need to file a claim, our skilled claim professionals are dedicated to working diligently with you, so you can stay focused on your clients.