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CNA Get PrepWise


Extreme winter weather can take a devastating toll on communities and businesses, often with deadly and costly consequences. According to Catastrophie Indices and Quantification Inc., the winter storm on March 2019 that hit large areas of Ontario, Quebec and through the eastern provinces caused over $124 million in damages alone.1


Freezing temperatures, snow, ice and freezing rain can create hazardous working conditions and impact your operations. Consider how poor road conditions can limit facility access, threaten workforce safety and disrupt your supply chain. Imagine the impact of water damage to equipment and supplies from frozen pipes that burst. 


Proper winter hazard preparation will help protect your employees and assets, and is an essential part of your business resiliency program. Use these tools to help understand winter’s weather risks and be prepared:


Winter safety, facility management and employee resources


Contact your local CNA Risk Control representative if you have questions about these tools or need help to prepare your organization for the hazards of winter.


For more information about resources and services that can help identify and manage the risk exposures in your (or your clients) business, please visit Resources to Manage and Reduce Risk .


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1 INSURANCE BUREAU OF CANADA, Retrieved November 2019



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