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From insurance trends to risk control to corporate social responsibility, CNA's leaders know their business and are proud to use their expertise to help organizations succeed.
Nezar El Kaissi
Senior Underwriter – Risk Management Casualty
Dana Al-Nammari &  Dave Swindells
CNA Canada Marine Experts
Lucas Prete
Underwriter - Management Liability and Financial Institutions
Luke Sampson
AVP, Manufacturing Industry Leader
Cindy Huang
Underwriting Manager, Cyber and Professional Liability – Specialty
Brynn Tucker
Assistant Vice-President of Claims
Patrice Houle
Underwriting Manager
Nick Creatura
President and Chief Executive Officer, CNA Canada
Adam Puchalski
Underwriting Specialist - International Solutions Canada
Jennifer Schultz
Senior Underwriter, Cyber and Professional Liability – Specialty
Published May 8, 2020
The insurance industry provides the perfect environment to use a wide variety of skills, do meaningful work that makes a difference, and develop knowledge and leadership roles that advance your career. Explore four reasons why the insurance industry is a great option for almost any professional.
Published April 10, 2020
The healthcare profession continues to be plagued by ransomware incidents, with cybercriminals and their ill-gotten gains hampering efficiencies, disrupting operations and jeopardizing patient data.
Published March 31, 2020
More than ever before, companies of all sizes are allowing employees to work remotely. Unfortunately, some organizations are not fully prepared for this sudden change to a remote workforce. Telecommuting can potentially put your company at increased risk of a cyberattack.
Published March 10, 2020
Fiduciary liability coverage can be easily misunderstood and, as a result, may not be considered by insurance buyers when addressing their management liability exposures. In today’s litigious society, that could be a costly misstep.
Published February 7, 2020
What do healthcare professionals need to do to prevent issues with those who regulate the advertising?
Published January 17, 2020
Employers’ day-to-day business challenges can be daunting – including compliance with Canadian labour and employment laws. If a business is not in tune with the laws, complying with them may be like trying to hit multiple moving targets.
Published December 9, 2019
Many not-for-profit and privately held companies may be under the false impression that they have no need for management liability insurance.
Published November 13, 2019
The opioid crisis in Canada and elsewhere continues to grow with often tragic results. In Canada, one life was lost every two hours related to opioids in 2018. How did we get to this point? What is being done to address this widespread crisis, and how is the insurance industry responding?
Published October 18, 2019
The majority of cyber-attacks are opportunistic; cyber hackers are searching for websites with security vulnerabilities and outdated web applications that allow them access to exploit an organization’s processes and data.
Published October 9, 2019
Risk and fleet managers handle a plethora of responsibilities with their commercial automobile fleet. One important task is ensuring every fleet vehicle to be insured is included in their automobile policy at inception. Not advising the insurer of an automobile can lead to a denial of coverage, potentially putting the corporation’s assets at risk should a loss occur.
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