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From insurance trends to risk control to corporate social responsibility, CNA's leaders know their business and are proud to use their expertise to help organizations succeed.
Nezar El Kaissi
Senior Underwriter – Risk Management Casualty
Dana Al-Nammari &  Dave Swindells
CNA Canada Marine Experts
Lucas Prete
Underwriter - Management Liability and Financial Institutions
Luke Sampson
AVP, Manufacturing Industry Leader
Cindy Huang
Underwriting Manager, Cyber and Professional Liability – Specialty
Brynn Tucker
Assistant Vice-President of Claims
Patrice Houle
Underwriting Manager
Nick Creatura
President and Chief Executive Officer, CNA Canada
Adam Puchalski
Underwriting Specialist - International Solutions Canada
Jennifer Schultz
Senior Underwriter, Cyber and Professional Liability – Specialty
Published November 22, 2022
The current economy is being influenced by several key factors, including the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, which can lead to catastrophic events such as floods, storms and hurricanes.
Published July 20, 2022
When an individual interacts with the healthcare system, that person expects to receive safe, high-quality care. Unfortunately, inadvertent harm – a diagnostic error – may occur at any point along the continuum of patient care.
Published June 17, 2022
Our vision at CNA is anchored on building an inclusive workplace culture that welcomes and celebrates difference, enabling everyone to do their best work.
Published May 6, 2022
Informed consent (IC) arises from the principle that a person has the right to make decisions about what happens to her or his body.
Published March 30, 2022
Businesses with growing international exposures need tailored coverages to meet their unique demands. As more insureds expand their business internationally, it creates an unprecedented opportunity for the commercial insurance industry to provide coverage for overseas operations.
Published February 2, 2022
The last two years in cybersecurity have been unprecedented. 2020 saw the en masse transition to remote working as physical offices closed and dining room tables and spare bedrooms became offices and classrooms.
Published December 8, 2021
As is evident from the extensive recent literature on workplace burn-out, stress and anxiety are chronic and widespread among healthcare professionals (HCPs).
Published October 18, 2021
Bringing life-changing drugs and medical devices to market involves a number of specialist life science companies working together to research, design, trial, manufacture and distribute new products.
Published September 13, 2021
Fiduciary liability coverage can be easily misunderstood, resulting in costly lawsuits.
Published August 10, 2021
Biometric identification, the use of unique physical or behavioural characteristics to identify individuals, has been around for decades. With advances in technology, biometric authentication is now part of everyday life.
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