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From insurance trends to risk control to corporate social responsibility, CNA's leaders know their business and are proud to use their expertise to help organizations succeed.
Nezar El Kaissi
Senior Underwriter – Risk Management Casualty
Dana Al-Nammari &  Dave Swindells
CNA Canada Marine Experts
Lucas Prete
Underwriter - Management Liability and Financial Institutions
Luke Sampson
AVP, Manufacturing Industry Leader
Cindy Huang
Underwriting Manager, Cyber and Professional Liability – Specialty
Brynn Tucker
Assistant Vice-President of Claims
Patrice Houle
Underwriting Manager
Nick Creatura
President and Chief Executive Officer, CNA Canada
Adam Puchalski
Underwriting Specialist - International Solutions Canada
Jennifer Schultz
Senior Underwriter, Cyber and Professional Liability – Specialty
Published July 20, 2021
At CNA, we understand the importance of fostering an organizational culture that celebrates individuals’ differences, attracts diverse talent, and inspires a work environment that enables all employees to do their best work.
Published February 17, 2021
CNA has always focused on our employees’ physical and mental needs, but the COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges that required additional solutions.
Published January 25, 2021
Like any other pharmaceutical, a COVID-19 vaccine must be proven safe and effective through clinical trials. Another challenge however, lies in the logistics of distributing the vaccines globally.
Published December 16, 2020
For brokers, one of the easiest ways to ensure that the right solution is being provided to a client is to make sure that the terms are fully understood. Here is a solution to insure peace of mind.
Published November 20, 2020
As specialty risks evolve, businesses need to re-evaluate their exposures and ensure they are adequately protected.
Published October 22, 2020
Today’s business world operates on an international scale. Consumers no longer rely solely on locally produced goods and services, and companies continue to expand operations worldwide for increased efficiency or access to new markets and supplies.
Published September 16, 2020
The use of any technology platform comes with risk, and each healthcare provider must carefully identify the risks to their practice and their patients, mitigate these risks, and have the appropriate insurance coverage in place.
Published August 14, 2020
Businesses that have been shut down during an emergency may face challenges when reopening. Being prepared gives your clients' organizations the ability to adapt to all market conditions.
Published July 10, 2020
Long-term care homes are expected to be that – homes that are safe, healthy settings for the most vulnerable members of Canada’s population. However, this is not always the case.
Published June 5, 2020
A new risk landscape is emerging, in which intangible and interconnected risks present a critical challenge for businesses and the insurance industry. This is why planning for the impact of these new risks, or considering the effect of a minor modification to current exposures, is a crucial foundation for any risk management strategy.
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